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Fabric Awning Care & Maintenance

Fabric Awning Care & Maintenance in 6 Easy Steps

The maintenance schedule for a fabric awning will typically consist of a thorough cleansing once per year and a light monthly refresh. If your awning is in an area that is prone to stains and dirt, additional maintenance may be necessary. The cleaning schedule of your awning should begin after the first month.

1. Make sure to verify the manufacturer of the fabric and make sure the cleaning instructions are recognized. Understanding the type of fabric your awning is manufactured with will help in determining the best way to clean it.

2. Remove all debris that may have collected on your awning. In most cases this would consist of leaves, loose branches, dirt, or anything else that may have accumulated. Keep trees, hedges, and other landscape trimmed and away to limit the buildup.

3. Brush the underside of your awning with a household broom to remove any dust or debris.

4. Using a soft brush, gently scrub the fabric of the awning using mild dish soap (mix dish soap and vinegar for tougher stains). Clean from the lower edge of your awning and work your way up.

5. After the initial scrubbing, thoroughly and completely rinse your awning. Make sure to open the awning after rinsing and allow it to dry completely.

6. Don’t forget the frame. With a quality product, rust is usually unlikely, but if it does occur it can cause the frame to deteriorate and lead to stains on the fabric. Make sure to check the frame at least once per year to make sure rust has not accumulated. Some manufacturers offer frames with a painted finish for additional awning frame protection.

The maintenance of your awning is essential for a great looking product that will increase the aesthetics and value of your home.